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Picture speaks more than words......

See the face of 19yrs old innocent rinkle before and after the kidnapping. 
She was brought for a min in front of the media/press conference (march 2012),which was arranged by the abducters...she was forced to full cover herself in black burkha by the kidnappers(to hide her injuries)....As by sources, in the first press conference they have notice injuries due to beating & burn marks on her body.

Curse and Tears of a crying Mother for her daughter - Rinkle mother was inconsolable,while wiping her tears she said, I could not survive without my daughter. "Judgesahib, I need justice; I need my daughter back; I can't leave without her; I can't live without my Rinkle

MR.Sunder lal ..uncle of  abducted 15yrs old girl asha/aisha kumari (jaccoabad) broke down in tears in a press conference in karachi and told media that aisha is missing from last 18 days and police is not responsing them well and he appealed to government and media that help them to find aisha kumari , further he also told media that his cousin DR.MURLI RAM is also kidnapped 1 month ago..,and police is failed to recover him.., and also added that they will Leave country (pakistan) as soon as their relative will be recovered...

The dead body of 3 hindu Doctor brothers,who were killed by armed personnel on first day of Eid in Shikarpur,Karachi-pakistan.Just because one of their relative have a relationship with a muslim girl...The verdict given by "Jirga" method on this killing and that was....Pay the Fine and go...just a fine for takeing 3 lifes ! Read more - (HERE)

Maharajni Andhrabai holds a photo of Rachna Kumari, her 16-year-old granddaughter, in Jacobabad, Pakistan,who was abducted from a bazaar when she was shopping for dresses.The man who behind this abduction,force conversion and married to this 16yrs old kid is not any stranger,but a family friend and a police officer.
(Police officer Kidnapped,force converted and married of a 16yrs old girl)
Now this abductor police officer says Rachna had disappeared.He and her family both say they do not know where she is...This is common with all abducted girls,these people first kidnap them,force convert,then married off.. after 1/2 months when they get satisfy with their sexual desire with them, they sold them to other hand for higher rates...SEX SLAVES...majority of the girls had either commited suicideor disappeared from the surface........ Out there, is no one to help them,nor even a legal help given by what Rinkle said in court, Everyone in Pakistan is hand in glove, there is justice only for Muslims, there is no justice for Hindus.They just want to kill our community... - i-would-rather-die-than-convert to islam

Friday, 27 April 2012

Muslim Judges given verdict under the favor of muslim criminal in muslim country...Like a true muslim !

"Mohammed is God's apostle.Those who follow him are ruthless
to the unbelievers but merciful to one another"  Quran 48:29
Proven in this verdict by supporting their jihadi people and ruthless with unbelievers(non -muslim).

“Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels(non-muslim).” Quran 8:6
“When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Quran 9:5
“Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Quran 3:85
“Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Quran 9:123
→  Click Islamic-jehad-force-conversion

 So you wont except truth & justice where everyone is Muslim.... No peace

Around the Globe people of all religions and creeds are willing to defend the values of human rights, the human freedoms of thought and speech, democracy and the rights of women. …. But these Islamic follower's doing opposite of this,in other word following islamic way of life..which is uncivilized & curse for HUMANITY & Society.
On April 18th 2012 the three-member bench, comprising Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Tariq Parvez given a verdict for the 3 abducted girls -
-19yrs(17yr as by her parents) old Rinkle Kumari,who was abducted on 24Feb 2012 from her home at night time.
-29yrs old Dr Lata ,who was abducted on  28Feb 2012 on her way to the College of Physicians and Surgeons in DHA
-and 15yr old Asha kumari,who was also kidnapped on 3 March 2012 when she was in parlour where she was doing a beautician's course.
<<asha brother said- When I went to pick her up on March 3, the parlour owner told me that she had already left,” ... we informed about this to the police but they dont take it seriously..and after few days we founded that she have been abducted,force converted and married off to some guy who have 4 children from her first wife.>>

The court said,the girls decided to go with them(those abductors).
Further The court had added that the girls were old enough to make the right decisions themselves.....
What does this 'old enough' means by this sham law of court ?
Isn’t Asha Kumari 15 yrs old and the guy she married off already has 4 children from a previous marriage..Who in their right mind would think that a 15yr old KID is old enough to make the right decisions herself ? In any other civilised country her supposed husband would be imprisoned by now for marrying an underage girl, with or without her permission.

Again Read these words of  Brave Rinkle on 26march in SC -
 "Pakistan mein sab log ek doosre ke saath mile huwe hain, yahan insaaaf sirf muslaman ke lye hai, Hindu ke lye koi insaaf nahee hai, mujhe yaheen court room mein maar daalo, lekin Dar-ul-aman nahee bhejo, yeh sab log mile huwe hain yeh humein maar daalen ge, mujhe in logo(kidnappers) ke satha maat bhejo..Mujhe apne mummy daddy ke pass jana hai". (Everyone in Pakistan is hand in glove, there is justice only for Muslims, there is no justice for Hindus. Kill me here in court, but don't send me to Darul-Aman, all these people are hand in glove, they will kill us) "there is no" justice, "kill me here but do not send me back" to the kidnappers. "I want to go with my parents.".. Even Rinkle started crying and screaming in the court, as reported by KTN TV channel, that she wanted to go to her mother.....heartbreaking outburst of Rinkel Kumari in front of these BEASTS ... (More Here)
The other abducted girl Dr lata,too said that she want to go with her parents.

Now at that day were was Chief justice’s  statement"old enough to make the right decision themselves" gone ?
The girls given their judgement on that day only,then why did he send them to that islamiyat shelter home(dar-ul-aman) for 3 weeks ? Where every one is muslim... (Read this - apex-court-of-pakistan-judges-or islamic clerics)

Even pakistan chief justice of supreme court is FANATIC MULLAH.. In spite, after huge cry by Rinkle in court on 26March that she want to go to her mother, then too they send her in that darul-aman islamic shelter home for 3 WEEKS..thats enough time indirectly given to those abductors to pressurized- coerce these poor girls and their parents..On 26 march these girls was crying to go with their parents and in this 3 week everything got changed....Just imagine how much torture,sexual harassment they gone from..Their parents got threat from these thugs that they will kill everyone from their family if rinkle and other girls return back to their parents home...This FORCED these poor girls to make a decision in the court to go with abductors ... to save not their life but of their family life..These girls drank POISON to save their family and now they have to suffer their whole life with these creators.....Many like these abducted girls after few month sold to other guy and then to other… Sex Slaves..Even some girls end their life by doing suicide….
And again some new minority girl they abduct and same dirty process starts.. And these so called court do all type of drama & at the end give verdict in the favor of abducters/criminals.

But the main question comes,do these girls really make the statement to go with abducters ? 
As This time there was NO camera session, nor the Open Court hearing was done like what in past hearing 26’march it was <<as on that hearing  rinkle openly said in front of everyone that  she want to go with her parents >>
  •  So not to let her speak again freely, they ignored to hold a open court hearing ?
  • That’s why the court not hear the girls in court in front of everyone and did Private Proceeding ?
  • These victimized girls was not permitted to speak,Their so called decision to go with abductors was  announced  by SC registrar's office….Not by the girls in front of everybody.
  • Why did the Supreme Court not even take a cursory look at the claims of abduction, etc?
  • In sindh court, the Miam mithu thug have slapped the girl many time in the courtroom full of spectators.When  She made it clear that she did not want to convert to Islam and marry the boy, but, in fact, she was kidnapped and being forced into doing so….By this mian mithu’s goons with guns surrounded the court and said the girl should have to go with her husband/abductor (Read Here)…why then the court nor the govt takeing action on like these mian mithu criminals ?… Bloody lawless country !
  • In Gotki(sindh lower court) the decision was announced at 7.45 am while the official timing of the court starts from 9 am.
  • When the girls was send to  darul-aman(Islamic shelter center-where every one is muslim)  their parents was not allowed to meet them,but Mian mittho, a Pakistan Peoples Party parliamentarian the person who helping and fully involved in these crime was allowed to meet the girls.
  • From the day these girls got abducted,their parents was not allowed to talk nor even able to see  their daughters…Just once for 10 mins rinkle mother was allowed to meet her on 26March- "She told me, 'I have been kidnapped and I want to go with you,'" recalled her mother, Sulchani Kumari. "She was sobbing as she told me, 'For God's sake, take me away from that hell.'"
  • Whether its lower court of sindh or Supreme court in capital Islamabad, parents of the girls was not even allow to enter the court(even in sindh court police did lathi charge on them) and those kidnappers where going in and out inside the court freely…
  •  Even after the court verdict Sindh Govt. which imposed Section 144 there by prohibiting any rallies in the parts of Northan Sindh including Jacacobad & Mirpur Mathelo, Fundamentalist including Miyan Abdul Haq were allowed to take our processions by openly displaying their catch viz Converted Hindu girls in the streets with provocative slogans thereby  humiliating and terrifying the Hindu Minority which constitute barely 1-2 % of the population even further. But as Hindu community  in Jacobabad began to protest, the protesters were booked for violating the Law!!! A day before the Supreme court judgment members of the civil society were beaten up by Fundamentalist organization “Sunni Tehrek” but instead of booking the sunni Tehrek the Provincial Sindh govt. booked the members (most of them women) for defaming Islam!!!
  • Rinkle's family received threats and they moved-taken shelter in lahore gurudwara.
  • The innocent victim suffers in police custody, while her family face threats of violence and death.
  • 20-25 hindu girls monthly get abducted and they are kept in madrassas(islamic school) - human right reports ----(Read Here) & (25 hindu girls abducted every month, forcibly converted to Islam)
  • Such crime has stopped the Hindu community from even celebrating their scared festivals.
  • India & Pakistan already have a treaty signed in 1950s named as Nehru-Liquat pack which guarantees equal opportunity to the minorities yet inhuman practices being followed visa vis minority Hindu community in pakistan.

By giveing this verdict,so called chief justice has legalized the the brutal act of criminal like miyan mitho(Miyan Abdul Haq ). Chief Justice has encouraged and provided licence to these criminals to repeat their criminal act in future....
This is not the first time such things have happened in Pakistan and unfortunately, it probably wont be the last.... 
 Like this--> Police officer Kidnapped,force converted and married of a 16yrs old girl-,0,4186272.storyHe was not a stranger,the abducted 16yrs old girl Rachna family knows him & trusted him..but they Forgot that a Muslim have Genises of Back-Stabbing..... Now this abductor police officer says Rachna had disappeared.He and her family both say they do not know where she is...This is common with all abducted girls,these people first kidnap them,force convert,then married off.. after 2/3 months when they get satisfy with their sexual desire with them, they sold them to other hand for higher rates...SEX SLAVES...majority of the girls had either commited suicide or disappeared from the surface....

Rinkle’s say in the court on 26march, that she doubted if she could get any justice in a system where majority is Muslim and wanted to make her & every non-muslim a Muslim forcibly...Shown the real face of these people's.

●Dr Ramesh Kumar, former legislator and chairperson of the Pakistan Hindu Council, says coerced conversion, blackmailing and kidnapping for ransom is forcing many Hindu families to migrate to India every year...Narain Das’s 24-year-old son Lakshman (forcibly)embraced Islam a few years back and left home. He returned in a sorry state, as Abdul Rehman, three years later, begging his parents to take him back..But in Pakistan(not just pakistan but all muslim countries) if a Muslim is considered to have committed apostasy(leave islam), the punishment is Death. “To save him from certain death, we had to convert a Hindu girl into Islam, and got him married.”
● “At least 20 to 25 girls are kidnapped every month and Fear of kidnappings and conversions is now so great in the Hindu community that many from interior Sindh stop sending their young daughters to school as they reach adolescence....“I have lost all faith in our judiciary,” says Amarnath Motumel, a senior lawyer with the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan., who has represented scores of Hindu families in conversion cases. “The first thing the judge asks the girl is to recite the Kalma (the basic Islamic tenet whereby you accept that you are a Muslim) and once she does that, no Hindu family can take her back.”
● The first time after her abduction that Dhan Bai saw her daughter Bharti was in the courtroom. “She was clad from head to toe in a black abaya (an outer covering), a dress she’d never worn before; her eyes were all I could see and it seemed she’d been crying.”
More can be read---> HERE

This makes entire judicial system of Pakistan a big Criminal Terrorist.
From those abducters to Supreme court’s chief justice,to lawyers ,politician, police, maulvis of mosque & that dargah(grave), mainstream media & the  silence of so called moderate moslim(their silence is their consent) …Every one of them is working like a one unit and involved in this crime.. Even they also know that they did & doing wrong then also they supporting this barbaric acts from decades,,,, of  finishing all non muslim in their islamic county/place/state…This happens when muslim are in power/majority…The genocide of peoples of other faiths...Silently Ethnic cleansing of non-muslim.

These people are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS & Criminals…
wherever they are there’s trouble & no peace , These muslims will not let anybody peacefully nor they  will stay peacefully..Thats why the whole world Hate muslims…And many countries closeing their doors ,not to let these people to enter in their homeland…as who want to spoil their good country by allowing these Rats of hypocritical islam  !

This is the true face of muslims` intolerance toward persons belonging to the other faith especially women. In their religion women have no place and never revered by them.....What you can except from the followers of a self-proclaimed prophet who itself sold womens and called them War Booty.

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Minorities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan disturbed over forced conversions

Lahore: Minorities in Pakistan are disturbed over forced conversions and have taken strong exception to the justice system becoming ”an instrument of injustice” in their case, leaders of minority communities have said.
The leaders expressed serious reservations over the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of three Hindu women who were allegedly forced to convert and marry Muslims.
Earlier this week, a bench led by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry said the women should decide their future, following which they chose to go with their husbands.

Emmanuel Yousaf and Peter Jacob, representatives of the Catholic National Commission for Justice and Peace, underlined the need for a comprehensive review of the issue of forced conversions and a firm stand by the government to uphold justice and human rights.

Referring to the cases of Rinkle Kumari, Asha Kumari and Lata Kumari, who were allegedly forced to convert, Yousaf and Jacob said the apex court’s procedures had become an “instrument of injustice” as the principle of free consent was applied loosely or selectively and in disregard to social realities.

“For instance, in many cases of so-called conversions of minority women, the courts have overlooked ascertaining the age of the converted and whether the marrying male had taken permission from his first wife according to Muslim Personal Law,” they said in a statement.

“Applying the principle of free consent without looking at corroborative evidence and that too in the social context, where religious freedom and gender equality is yet a pipe dream, can result in miscarriage of justice. The law and court procedures cannot work on an assumption that armed and unarmed, minority and majority, men and women enjoy the equal scope of free will in a weaponised, male-dominated, violent and bigoted environment,” the statement said.

Jacob said the Supreme Court’s judgment of April 18 on the three Hindu women “has worried the religious minorities, who already face an existential threat, demographically but also due to rising religious intolerance”.

The court should have looked “deeper into the issue and made a principled stand”, he said.
A court review of the three cases should have applied legal principles of “safeguarding the vulnerable”, the statement said.

Jacob said the Supreme Court or the government could control damage to religious diversity by defining forced conversion according to international standards of religious freedom, including a right to re-convert.
Irrespective of the free will rhetoric, “if a conversion comes simultaneously with marriage and the newly converted cannot meet her parents, then it is not an exercise of free choice of religion beyond a reasonable doubt”, the minority leaders contended.

The Supreme Court should take full cognizance of conversions under duress and any cover up for crimes under the pretext of conversion, they added.

The Catholic National Commission for Justice and Peace would be happy to aid the Supreme Court or any other forum if a comprehensive review of issues is conducted to ensure equality of citizens, Jacob said.

Also check this - 
Court Judges or Islamic clerics !
Forced conversion of minorities

Apex Court of Pakistan Judges or Islamic Clerics in enforcedly converted Hindu and Christian girls’ case

Islamabad 19th April - The Pakistani parents of three Hindu girls who were kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam claim that powerful people were behind the drama. They said the girls' decision to stay with their abducted husbands was not taken in an open court and hence questionable. Tahir Ali for rediff,reports from Islamabad

The family members of the three Hindu girls who were allegedly forced to convert to Islam claim that injustice has been done to them. 
Following the Pakistan supreme court's decision that the women should decide their own fate, the registrar's office of the SC announced that the girls preferred living with their husbands rather than with their parents.
The families, however, said that the decision was not taken in an open court and hence questionable. 

The supreme court of Pakistan had asked the girls -- Faryal (Rinkle Kumari), Hafsa Bibi (Dr Lata) and Haleema Bibi (Asha Kumari) -- to decide whether they want to live with their Muslim husbands or with their Hindu parents. 

Dr Ramesh Kumar, patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council, had moved a petition asking for the recovery of the three women belonging to the Hindu community, Rinkle of Mirpur Mathello, Dr Lata, daughter of Jacobabad, and Asha of Larkana.
The three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry ordered the police to provide adequate security to the women and said that in case of any harm, the police officials would be blamed for negligence. The court said that the women were old enough to make the right decision themselves. 

But their family members have complained that they were not allowed to meet their daughters and said the decision should be taken in an open court.
Talking to, Nandlal, the father of Rinkle Kumari, said, "Today the girls were produced before the court but we were not allowed to meet them. Even if we were provided with five to 10 minutes of mulaqaat (meeting), it would have been enough for us. Even five minutes would have been enough, but we were not lucky enough to see our girl. We don't know where the girls are now."
Nandlal, who is a school teacher by profession, said all the three girls wanted to go back to their parents but they were not allowed, as powerful people in the government were backing the kidnappers. "When the case was brought to Gotki in Sindh, Rinkle was weeping and said she wanted to go to her parents, yet she was sent to Darul Aman (shelter centre). We were always kept outside the court, whether it was in Sindh or Islamabad. In Gotki the decision was announced at 7.45 am while the official timing of the court starts from 9 am," said Nandlal.
Tears of a Mother - Rinkel's mother wiping her tears after hearing her daughter case at supreme court.

Sulchhani Kumari, Rinkle Kumari's mother, was inconsolable. She said she could not survive without her daughter. "Judgesahib, I need justice; I need my daughter back; I can't leave without her; I can't live without my Rinkle," she told

Showing displeasure over the court's decision. the parents and other family members of the Hindu women observed a sit-in in front of the supreme court building raising slogans, 'We need our girls back', 'Judge sahib we demand justice'. 

The family members of young 15yr old Asha Kumari were also present in court hoping to see her. She was allegedly kidnapped from a beauty parlour. For more than 40 days there was no news of her whereabouts. She later appeared before the court and said she chose to change her religion. However, her family members claimed that she was forcibly converted to Islam.
"Forty-five days have passed since my daughter was abducted. We were hoping to see her but when she was produced in court we were not allowed to see her. She was abducted and the kidnappers first sent us her photos and asked for a ransom, but later it was dubbed as a conversion case. It is purely a case of ransom, and religion has nothing to do with it," Asha Kumari's father told 

Sundardas, Asha Kumari's uncle, said that Mian Mittho, a Pakistan Peoples Party parliamentarian who was blamed for helping the kidnappers, was allowed to meet the girls while the parents were kept at a distance. 
"Tell me, is he important or the parents? No one is here to listen to us. We ask President Zardari to deliver justice, if he can't do that the minorities should be sent abroad," Asha's uncle told

"The kidnappers are going inside (the court); several of their people are inside, but no one from our side is allowed to get in. We don't know what to do now; I just need my sister, nothing else. We will sit here and block the road till we get justice," said Simran, Asha Kumari's sister.
She feared that her sister would be sent back to her kidnappers. "All these people are working as a unit; we are Hindus so they are treating us like this. We came to Islamabad to get justice but we got nothing," she added.
When asked Asha Kumari's mother for her comment on the court's decision , she replied in a choked voice, "I need my daughter; I need justice." 

Earlier, the father of Dr Lata, Dr Ramesh Kumar, told the media that religion was being used to kidnap young girls and to satisfy sexual desires. "Only young girls are converted to Islam. If they (abductors) want to spread Islam why don't they convert old Hindu women and men?" he asked.


Further,on next day after the kangaroo court of pakistan given verdict on rinkle & the other girls case one more verdict came in the favor of the abductors and this time it was about a christian girl force convertion case.....
And the killing of 3 hindu doctors,as one of their friend/relative have friendship with the Muslim Girl.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What will happen on 18th April - the day when Rinkle & other abuducted girls future will be decided

Rinkle Kumari – the new Marvi of Sindh
By Marvi Sirmed

Malalai Yusafzai,  alalai Yusafzai, the brilliant Pakistani girl who defied Taliban's dictation and stood firm on getting educated and persuaded her peers to do so, is a face of Pakistan that we all want to see. More and more. With pride and denial. We like to see Malalai in denial of Rinkle. Rinkle Kumari, the 19 years old Sindhi Hindu girl who was kidnapped and allegedly forcibly converted to Islam before coercively marrying her to a Muslim Naveed Shah. The ones who show this uncomfortable face of Pakistan are condemned to be the 'traitors' and 'Pakistan-haters'. If trying to correct these painful imperfections of our society is treason, let me commit it for once. Rinkle's story needs to be told loudly and to everyone.

Rinkle was kidnapped on February 24 by Naveed Shah and four other people. Police refused to lodge an FIR and to include the names of the influential Mian Aslam, Mian Rafique and their father Mian Mithu. She was produced in the court of Civil Judge Ghotki where she insisted on going to her family but the judge illegally sent her to the police custody in Sukkur Women's Police Station.

In sheer mockery of the President of Pakistan and his party Co-Chairperson, Mian Mithu announced in front of many civil society activists that if Rinkle's custody is snatched from him, he will set Mirpur Mathelo ablaze.
 More abt this B@stard Mian Mithu can be read here--->  .... The president had given a media statement against forced conversions earlier that day (Thats after getting. "Come what may, justice will have to prevail" was the answer in a firm strong voice when I asked Raj Kumar, Rinkle's uncle, if he was scared. Probably this resolve has come from years of persecution and injustice. "It has been decades that Hindu girls have been abducted and forcibly converted. We hear little or no voice at all against this oppression," said Amar Lal, counsel to Rinkle Kumari's family.

Christian leader says there is no hope of justice in Pakistan courts

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, president of Pakistan Christian Congress (P.C.C.), have strongly condemned forced conversions of Christian and Hindu women to Islam in Pakistan and urged Supreme Court of Pakistan to ensure safety of Hindu girls Rinkle Kumari and Dr. Lata Kumari.

Dr. Bhatti expressed as to why the chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry ,on the last hearing on March 26 ordered the two Hindu girls to be sent to the Darul Aman homeless shelters when the two girls were weeping that they be allowed to reunite with their families."It seems like the chief justice of Pakistan is a diehard Islamist," Dr. Bhatti told this correspondent Thursday morning.

Dr. Bhatti said “The P.C.C. have information’s that Muslim clerics and family members of Muslim kidnappers who converted Rinkel Kumari to Islam and forced her to marry with Naveed Shah are threatening her in Darul Aman women shelter of death if she again requested the Supreme Court to go with her parents on the next hearing on April 18, 2012.”

Rinkel Kumari requested  the chief justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, on March 26, 2012, “Send me with my parents or kill me here in court but don’t send me to Darul Aman. Everyone in Pakistan is hand in glove, there is justice only for Muslims, there is no justice for Hindus and they will kill us."
Dr. Lata Kumari requested Supreme Court Judges that “I want to meet my parents and to go with them”.

Dr. Bhatti said everyone knows that women homeless shelters in Pakistan are run by provincial governments where all officials from the top supervisor to the common guards are Muslim employees who are most likely to coerce the two Hindu girls.
He said there have been numerous scandals of “prostitution rings” at these homeless shelters and questioned the wisdom of Chaudhry to send the Hindu girls to the Darul Aman.

“It is Ironic that Sindh High Court did not allow meeting of the girls with their parents in spite of their explicit wishes nor did it order dispersal hundreds of Muslim gathered in the high court compound in favor of the forced conversion to Islam with banners and playcards and same scene is likely to be repeated at the Supreme Court of Pakistan on april 18”
There are hundreds of abduction and forced conversion cases of Hindu and Christian women in Pakistan every year which go unreported for fear of influential Muslim kidnappers, Dr. Bhatti lamented.

Painful videos of abducted girls Family

In the above vid (BBC world ) a mother sad story about her 20yr old eldest daughter, who 3yr ago went to a field trip with the staff frm the hospital she works in and never Returned..after a year later her mother find out that she have been converted and married off to one of her colleague..Family taken this matter (force convertion) to court.but so far there's no resolution.Her daughter even not appeared in the court to state that she have acted according to her own will  (as the abducters wont allow her to come) .. Now this poor mother so worried about her other daughter that she doesn't let them wont to go out of her home... "We so scared now,we just hope the case close soon,so that we can go somewhere else,we so scared to live in this enviroment,"No body Listen to the hindus"..We haven't done anything wrong by being born as hindu.....

Hindus account for a little over one percent of the population of Pakistan now.
However, the community claims that even this number is dwindling because girls are being kidnapped, converted to Islam and forcibly married to Muslim men.
Human rights organisations warn that such incidents are on the rise and is urging the government to take action to protect the country's minorities. 

"When British India was partitioned in 1947 Hindus and Sikhs constituted about 20% of the population in what is now Pakistan. Now it is barely 1 percent."
There are a number of instances of persecution of Hindus in Pakistan.
In 1951, Hindus constituted 22 percent of the Pakistani population.
By 1998 the proportion of Hindus was down to around 1.7 percent(2,443,614)
and at present it is barely 1% left ..
This huge drop is due to wide forcible conversion and murder of those who resisted it, a situation that is recorded to have continued till date.
Minority members of the Pakistan National Assembly have alleged that Hindus were being hounded and humiliated to force them to leave Pakistan or convert to Islam.

Today, the Hindu population of Pakistan is in great peril..Imminent danger.
On average, monthly 25-35 reports of kidnapping of young Hindu girls on religious grounds are filed in Pakistan.
Only 26 out of the 428 temples are functional now. The last crematorium of a temple in Sindh was broken down in Rawalpindi on 19 July, 2010 to make homes for the locals.
Most Hindus are poor peasants and serve as bonded labour
Hindus have to pay thousands of pounds to avoid kidnapping
Even Hindu women and children (minor girls) are not spared by them..they abduct them,married forcefully & convert them to islam..even some get raped and then they sold out in slaves forever.

 Amarnath Motumal, an advocate & council member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan says,
“Moreover, the Hindu communities were not even spared on the occasion of their joyous festival of Holi as two girls, Anita and Kishni, were kidnapped in Kotri.
 Pakistan: Rape as a Tool for Conversion to Islam
Coordinator HRCP Task Force Sindh Dr Ashothama Lohano told News-
That minority communities were easy targets as the Hindus were generally hesitant to raise voice against the injustices. ‘When the Hindu communities become politically active, they are blamed for having Indian connections,’ doctor Lohano said.”

Amarlal, chairman of the Progressive Minorities Commission, who uses only one name says “Local mullahs and fundamentalist people think that if they(minority) leave they can take their properties.”
 ...( Like what happen in 1990 in kashmir where they forced nearly 4Lakh kashmiri hindus to leave their land and migrate...and secularist indian gov & media did nothing)....

Dr Aasha kumaris exclusive family interview (in sind language) on her home at jacobabad...Her mother,grandmother,her little sister, whole family broke down into tears demanding for justice to bring back their daughter from these mullas who abduct her on  28feb 2012 on her way to the College of Physicians and Surgeons in DHA.Her family alleged that she has been forcibly converted and married to Nadir Baig Dhar, the son of a suspended judge.

Read more about Dr Asha/lata

Protest Rally held for the Freedom of baluch sister Rinkle Kumari in Washington DC

WASHINGTON DC: The premier American Friends of Balochistan has called upon the U.S. government to impose stiff sanctions against Pakistan for gross violations of human rights of Hindus and Other Religious Minorities in Pakistan.

In a Press release the A.F.B. said it fully supports the upcoming rally to win freedom for Rinkel Kumari, 19, a Hindu girl who was abducted, forced to convert and marry a Muslim man in Pakistan under the shadow of bayonets.

On Saturday, April 14, a rally is being organized by a coalition of U.S. grassroots organizations to support human rights and dignity for Hindus and Christians in Pakistan.

The event held in front of the U.S.-Pakistan Business Council across the street from Lafayette Square Park in downtown Washington DC.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in its latest report released last month said on an average around 20 to 25 Hindu girls are being forcibly converted to Islam every month in the southern Sindh province, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has said. Christian women also face similar conversions on a massive scale.

“Hindus and Christian females are made to embrace Islam and forced into sexual slavery by the mullahs of Pakistan who enjoy the military’s support,” the A.F.B. said in its Press release. “The A.F.B. stands in solidarity with the oppressed Hindus and Christians of Pakistan and demands that all human rights violators must be brought to justice.”

Monday, 16 April 2012

I would rather die than convert to Islam - Rinkle to Supreme court

March 26, 2012: 19 yrs old Rinkal Kumari said in Supreme court:.." Pakistan mein sab log ek doosre ke saath mile huwe hain, yahan insaaaf sirf muslaman ke lye hai, Hindu ke lye koi insaaf nahee hai, mujhe yaheen court room mein maar daalo, lekin Dar-ul-aman nahee bhejo, yeh sab log mile huwe hain yeh humein maar daalen ge, mujhe in logo(kidnappers) ke satha maat bhejo..Mujhe apne mummy daddy ke pass jana hai". (Everyone in Pakistan is hand in glove, there is justice only for Muslims, there is no justice for Hindus. Kill me here in court, but don't send me to Darul-Aman, all these people are hand in glove, they will kill us) "there is no" justice, "kill me here but do not send me back" to the kidnappers. "I want to go with my parents.".. Even Rinkle started crying and screaming in the court, as reported by KTN TV channel, that she wanted to go to her mother.....heartbreaking outburst of Rinkel Kumari in front of these BEASTS ,,, Read more what decision chief justice of supreme court given then.... even though rinkle and the other abducted girl Dr lata said they have been forced converted and want to meet their parents and go back with them....

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Islamic Jehad- Force conversion of hindus,sikhs & christians(especially girls) in pakistan

 Religion of peace or pieces ?. ..Really doing hard to make this world a peaceful place to live !!!
Islam is a myth.Muslims always force non-Muslims to accept Islam. It has happened throughout the entire history of Islam from Muhammad’s time .. Mughals .. and till this day.
Why is it that in most Muslim countries apostasy(Abandonment/leaveing of one's(islam) religion) is illegal and punishable by death???
Why muslims countries dont call/declared them self  a seculer country,they use islamic country of so and so ???
Why they mostly target kafirs(non-muslim) especially their womens ???
Why there's terrorism is not seems to get end in their religion??
Why there's always slums,poverty,illeteracy & killing mostly in muslims dominant place ???

 So what reason behind this.... ?
 Hint--- self-proclaim Prophet & his peaceful Quranic teach'ng...   :)

Qur'an (8:39)- “And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world ]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do.”

"Mohammed is God's apostle.  Those who follow him are ruthless
 to the unbelievers but merciful to one another"  Quran 48:29
Thats why muslims shows so much unity within their community people and fight with others,non-muslims...though afterward killing others then they start fighting with each other like only if they are in muslim country,as where they in non-muslim country there they will keep lot of unity within their community)

"Testify that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, or else I will chop off your neck!"  Words of a military leader that Muhammad sent on an expedition with the mission of destroying a local religion in Yemen.- Bukhari (59:643)

Same thing done by Mughals when they enter in indian -subcontinent....Genocide,Rape  & force conversion
And the same history getting repeated again and again in pakistan or any islamic dominant area...even in india by them

This the way they goes.. when their people start increasing -
1 mulla-- peace we like peace.... As  Islam is religion of peace
2mulla-- yes peace but little bit islam too..As  Islam is religion of peace
3mulla-- secularism is ok and all rights should be given for our islamic peoples....As  Islam is religion of peace...
4mulla-- no other religion or any thing like secularism,,, only islam.. follow it or die...As  Islam forbidden other relgion to follow or worship except  allah in muslim dominant/majority places.... Jehad.

you see muslims critizising people who dont agree islamofacists or they're violence, hate and lies.
you dont see muslims critizising islamofacists, they're lies and violence because they are arrogant and blinded by lies.

Just check out(Read more)  what these people doing with non-muslims..THEY WILL KEEP SILENCE ON THESE ISSUE BUT CRY AND MAKE HUGE FUSS WHEN SOME ONE FIGHT BACK to stop their barbaric acts... even some section of seculer media keep silence on these issue's & hide them under the carpet.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Heart breaking story of Rinkel Kumari

Most of us know Maya Khan and Veena Malik how many of us know Rinkle Kumari of District Ghotki, Sindh? She was picked up from her home and then reportedly forced to convert to Islam just a few days ago. How many of us are even aware of these incidents taking place from years ?
 One, amongst many, whose story needed to be told.....

I read a terrible news from a local source based in Pakistan which highlight the plight of innocent Hindu girls in Pakistan. I was shocked on reading the content of message. It narrated in detail how Hindu girls are being abducted in Sindh Province of Pakistan and are being forced to convert into Muslims so that they can marry local Muslim boys. I came to verify the content of the message to be doubly assured about its authenticity. The chilling story of atrocities committed upon innocent Hindu girls was, indeed, TRUE.

It’s really shocking that both right wing politicians who miss no opportunity to make noise on the case of Hindus rarely made that much noise on trials and tribulations suffered by our Hindu sisters and brothers in Pakistan. That’s because it would not translate into Hindu votes. The same can be said about secular parties. They shed loads of tears on hearing real and imaginary tales of sufferings of minorities (read Muslims), both in India and foreign landscape, but for them Hindus in Pakistan do not deserve the minority tag. Reason? They are not Muslims and Christians and , above all, talking about them is not politically correct vote-wise.

Let me state the incident highlighted in this News . It talked about Rinkal Kumari who was allegedly kidnapped in February 2012 in Mirpur Mathelo,sindh..From her home. She was forced to convert to Islam and , subsequently, got married off with a thug muslim boy, Naveed Shah. The police came to register the case only after much hue and cry raised by the relatives. After all, it involved Pir of Bharchundi Dargah, Mian Abdul Haq (popularly known as Mian Mithoo), an influential MNA related with Pakistan People’s Party which happens to be the ruling party in Pakistan.

Heart breaking story of Rinkel Kumari (Faryal Shah),A Hindu girl in Pakistan kidnapped,forced converted to islam and forcibly married off.
Kidnapped, Forced to Convert to Islam and Married to a Muslim – Sad Story of Rinkle Kumari
For saveing her & identifying their daughter Kidnappers,Her family receiving death threats and now they taken shelter in Gurdwara of lahore.
Like these many minority girls of hindu,sikhs & christians are abducted and forcefully converted at gunpoint... even married & children (minor girls) are not spared by them.. like one 15 yrs old Asha kumari who was kidnapped and married off to a Father of 4 children..
Some even sold out at brothel  or they do suicide.
The human right reports says -
-Nearly 20-25 hindu girls monthly get abducted and they are kept in madrassas(islamic school)....
The report, prepared by the National Commission for Justice and Peace, states that about
-74 per cent of the women faced sexual harassment.
-"Some 27 per cent minority women (Christians and Hindus) faced discrimination in admissions to educational institutions and were forced to take Islamic studies in the absence of any alternative subject,"
-43 per cent complained about facing religious discrimination at workplaces, educational institutions and neighborhoods.
-68.4 per cent of non-Muslim women have no political participation which according to Brohi evidently signifies the mistrust of minority women in the political system primarily because it does not offer significant assistance to them.
Rinkle’s mother covered her face with a dupatta and wept silently as the HRCP Sindh vice chairperson voiced the community’s troubles. 
“We can’t even sleep at night, wondering whether our kidnapped girls
would become suicide bombers or would they be sold off into prostitution,”