Saturday, 5 May 2012

Picture speaks more than words......

See the face of 19yrs old innocent rinkle before and after the kidnapping. 
She was brought for a min in front of the media/press conference (march 2012),which was arranged by the abducters...she was forced to full cover herself in black burkha by the kidnappers(to hide her injuries)....As by sources, in the first press conference they have notice injuries due to beating & burn marks on her body.

Curse and Tears of a crying Mother for her daughter - Rinkle mother was inconsolable,while wiping her tears she said, I could not survive without my daughter. "Judgesahib, I need justice; I need my daughter back; I can't leave without her; I can't live without my Rinkle

MR.Sunder lal ..uncle of  abducted 15yrs old girl asha/aisha kumari (jaccoabad) broke down in tears in a press conference in karachi and told media that aisha is missing from last 18 days and police is not responsing them well and he appealed to government and media that help them to find aisha kumari , further he also told media that his cousin DR.MURLI RAM is also kidnapped 1 month ago..,and police is failed to recover him.., and also added that they will Leave country (pakistan) as soon as their relative will be recovered...

The dead body of 3 hindu Doctor brothers,who were killed by armed personnel on first day of Eid in Shikarpur,Karachi-pakistan.Just because one of their relative have a relationship with a muslim girl...The verdict given by "Jirga" method on this killing and that was....Pay the Fine and go...just a fine for takeing 3 lifes ! Read more - (HERE)

Maharajni Andhrabai holds a photo of Rachna Kumari, her 16-year-old granddaughter, in Jacobabad, Pakistan,who was abducted from a bazaar when she was shopping for dresses.The man who behind this abduction,force conversion and married to this 16yrs old kid is not any stranger,but a family friend and a police officer.
(Police officer Kidnapped,force converted and married of a 16yrs old girl)
Now this abductor police officer says Rachna had disappeared.He and her family both say they do not know where she is...This is common with all abducted girls,these people first kidnap them,force convert,then married off.. after 1/2 months when they get satisfy with their sexual desire with them, they sold them to other hand for higher rates...SEX SLAVES...majority of the girls had either commited suicideor disappeared from the surface........ Out there, is no one to help them,nor even a legal help given by what Rinkle said in court, Everyone in Pakistan is hand in glove, there is justice only for Muslims, there is no justice for Hindus.They just want to kill our community... - i-would-rather-die-than-convert to islam


  1. Islam knows no mercy.....

    It is cruel and inhuman towards Non-Muslims. That is why I always say that the concept of existence of moderate Muslims is useless and worthless.

    In fact, it will be better if I say there are moderate Muslims just like there is no moderate Islam.

    1. Like islam, moderate muslim is a Myth..They will never stand up for the rights of non-muslims..Staying SILENT when their fellow muslims commit acts of violence....their silence is their approval....Consent.
      Even in india(kashmir) near to 4 Lakhs kashmiri hindus(Highest minority target ever in the world) was forcefully removed,,their home/shops was looted & set on fire,temple broken down and they was force to leave and stay like a refugee in their own home country..20yrs happen still they are not allow to enter in kashmir & they liveing in small huts like a refugee in parts of delhi...Non of any muslim or their NGO's raise a single voice for them...That guy sayed ali shah gillani and Hurriyat people all was involved in the genocide of hindus and christians from kashmir.
      Past and present history is biggest proof,that muslim will never allow any other religion to survive,wherever these people are, there's No PEACE.

      The World will not be destroyed by those that do evil,,but by those who watch them without doing anything(their silence) - Albert Einstein.

  2. People on facebook are asking me if these two pictures are of same Rinkel....

    I told them I gave the reference to source i.e. your blog....

    So, are you sure?

    1. yea this is Rinkel only,pic got frm sources in pakistan(Minority/Hindu human rights of pakistan)... even i was shocked by seeing so much change in her look..just imagine now how much suffering & pain she have gone thru...Bless/pray for her.

  3. Ok, it looks like you are right....I am sorry. I found other sources too saying the same thing.

  4. And that’s the only way left to preach islam.
    Islam has not change a little bit from the day mohammad created it.