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Muslim Judges given verdict under the favor of muslim criminal in muslim country...Like a true muslim !

"Mohammed is God's apostle.Those who follow him are ruthless
to the unbelievers but merciful to one another"  Quran 48:29
Proven in this verdict by supporting their jihadi people and ruthless with unbelievers(non -muslim).

“Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels(non-muslim).” Quran 8:6
“When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Quran 9:5
“Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Quran 3:85
“Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Quran 9:123
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 So you wont except truth & justice where everyone is Muslim.... No peace

Around the Globe people of all religions and creeds are willing to defend the values of human rights, the human freedoms of thought and speech, democracy and the rights of women. …. But these Islamic follower's doing opposite of this,in other word following islamic way of life..which is uncivilized & curse for HUMANITY & Society.
On April 18th 2012 the three-member bench, comprising Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Tariq Parvez given a verdict for the 3 abducted girls -
-19yrs(17yr as by her parents) old Rinkle Kumari,who was abducted on 24Feb 2012 from her home at night time.
-29yrs old Dr Lata ,who was abducted on  28Feb 2012 on her way to the College of Physicians and Surgeons in DHA
-and 15yr old Asha kumari,who was also kidnapped on 3 March 2012 when she was in parlour where she was doing a beautician's course.
<<asha brother said- When I went to pick her up on March 3, the parlour owner told me that she had already left,” ... we informed about this to the police but they dont take it seriously..and after few days we founded that she have been abducted,force converted and married off to some guy who have 4 children from her first wife.>>

The court said,the girls decided to go with them(those abductors).
Further The court had added that the girls were old enough to make the right decisions themselves.....
What does this 'old enough' means by this sham law of court ?
Isn’t Asha Kumari 15 yrs old and the guy she married off already has 4 children from a previous marriage..Who in their right mind would think that a 15yr old KID is old enough to make the right decisions herself ? In any other civilised country her supposed husband would be imprisoned by now for marrying an underage girl, with or without her permission.

Again Read these words of  Brave Rinkle on 26march in SC -
 "Pakistan mein sab log ek doosre ke saath mile huwe hain, yahan insaaaf sirf muslaman ke lye hai, Hindu ke lye koi insaaf nahee hai, mujhe yaheen court room mein maar daalo, lekin Dar-ul-aman nahee bhejo, yeh sab log mile huwe hain yeh humein maar daalen ge, mujhe in logo(kidnappers) ke satha maat bhejo..Mujhe apne mummy daddy ke pass jana hai". (Everyone in Pakistan is hand in glove, there is justice only for Muslims, there is no justice for Hindus. Kill me here in court, but don't send me to Darul-Aman, all these people are hand in glove, they will kill us) "there is no" justice, "kill me here but do not send me back" to the kidnappers. "I want to go with my parents.".. Even Rinkle started crying and screaming in the court, as reported by KTN TV channel, that she wanted to go to her mother.....heartbreaking outburst of Rinkel Kumari in front of these BEASTS ... (More Here)
The other abducted girl Dr lata,too said that she want to go with her parents.

Now at that day were was Chief justice’s  statement"old enough to make the right decision themselves" gone ?
The girls given their judgement on that day only,then why did he send them to that islamiyat shelter home(dar-ul-aman) for 3 weeks ? Where every one is muslim... (Read this - apex-court-of-pakistan-judges-or islamic clerics)

Even pakistan chief justice of supreme court is FANATIC MULLAH.. In spite, after huge cry by Rinkle in court on 26March that she want to go to her mother, then too they send her in that darul-aman islamic shelter home for 3 WEEKS..thats enough time indirectly given to those abductors to pressurized- coerce these poor girls and their parents..On 26 march these girls was crying to go with their parents and in this 3 week everything got changed....Just imagine how much torture,sexual harassment they gone from..Their parents got threat from these thugs that they will kill everyone from their family if rinkle and other girls return back to their parents home...This FORCED these poor girls to make a decision in the court to go with abductors ... to save not their life but of their family life..These girls drank POISON to save their family and now they have to suffer their whole life with these creators.....Many like these abducted girls after few month sold to other guy and then to other… Sex Slaves..Even some girls end their life by doing suicide….
And again some new minority girl they abduct and same dirty process starts.. And these so called court do all type of drama & at the end give verdict in the favor of abducters/criminals.

But the main question comes,do these girls really make the statement to go with abducters ? 
As This time there was NO camera session, nor the Open Court hearing was done like what in past hearing 26’march it was <<as on that hearing  rinkle openly said in front of everyone that  she want to go with her parents >>
  •  So not to let her speak again freely, they ignored to hold a open court hearing ?
  • That’s why the court not hear the girls in court in front of everyone and did Private Proceeding ?
  • These victimized girls was not permitted to speak,Their so called decision to go with abductors was  announced  by SC registrar's office….Not by the girls in front of everybody.
  • Why did the Supreme Court not even take a cursory look at the claims of abduction, etc?
  • In sindh court, the Miam mithu thug have slapped the girl many time in the courtroom full of spectators.When  She made it clear that she did not want to convert to Islam and marry the boy, but, in fact, she was kidnapped and being forced into doing so….By this mian mithu’s goons with guns surrounded the court and said the girl should have to go with her husband/abductor (Read Here)…why then the court nor the govt takeing action on like these mian mithu criminals ?… Bloody lawless country !
  • In Gotki(sindh lower court) the decision was announced at 7.45 am while the official timing of the court starts from 9 am.
  • When the girls was send to  darul-aman(Islamic shelter center-where every one is muslim)  their parents was not allowed to meet them,but Mian mittho, a Pakistan Peoples Party parliamentarian the person who helping and fully involved in these crime was allowed to meet the girls.
  • From the day these girls got abducted,their parents was not allowed to talk nor even able to see  their daughters…Just once for 10 mins rinkle mother was allowed to meet her on 26March- "She told me, 'I have been kidnapped and I want to go with you,'" recalled her mother, Sulchani Kumari. "She was sobbing as she told me, 'For God's sake, take me away from that hell.'"
  • Whether its lower court of sindh or Supreme court in capital Islamabad, parents of the girls was not even allow to enter the court(even in sindh court police did lathi charge on them) and those kidnappers where going in and out inside the court freely…
  •  Even after the court verdict Sindh Govt. which imposed Section 144 there by prohibiting any rallies in the parts of Northan Sindh including Jacacobad & Mirpur Mathelo, Fundamentalist including Miyan Abdul Haq were allowed to take our processions by openly displaying their catch viz Converted Hindu girls in the streets with provocative slogans thereby  humiliating and terrifying the Hindu Minority which constitute barely 1-2 % of the population even further. But as Hindu community  in Jacobabad began to protest, the protesters were booked for violating the Law!!! A day before the Supreme court judgment members of the civil society were beaten up by Fundamentalist organization “Sunni Tehrek” but instead of booking the sunni Tehrek the Provincial Sindh govt. booked the members (most of them women) for defaming Islam!!!
  • Rinkle's family received threats and they moved-taken shelter in lahore gurudwara.
  • The innocent victim suffers in police custody, while her family face threats of violence and death.
  • 20-25 hindu girls monthly get abducted and they are kept in madrassas(islamic school) - human right reports ----(Read Here) & (25 hindu girls abducted every month, forcibly converted to Islam)
  • Such crime has stopped the Hindu community from even celebrating their scared festivals.
  • India & Pakistan already have a treaty signed in 1950s named as Nehru-Liquat pack which guarantees equal opportunity to the minorities yet inhuman practices being followed visa vis minority Hindu community in pakistan.

By giveing this verdict,so called chief justice has legalized the the brutal act of criminal like miyan mitho(Miyan Abdul Haq ). Chief Justice has encouraged and provided licence to these criminals to repeat their criminal act in future....
This is not the first time such things have happened in Pakistan and unfortunately, it probably wont be the last.... 
 Like this--> Police officer Kidnapped,force converted and married of a 16yrs old girl-,0,4186272.storyHe was not a stranger,the abducted 16yrs old girl Rachna family knows him & trusted him..but they Forgot that a Muslim have Genises of Back-Stabbing..... Now this abductor police officer says Rachna had disappeared.He and her family both say they do not know where she is...This is common with all abducted girls,these people first kidnap them,force convert,then married off.. after 2/3 months when they get satisfy with their sexual desire with them, they sold them to other hand for higher rates...SEX SLAVES...majority of the girls had either commited suicide or disappeared from the surface....

Rinkle’s say in the court on 26march, that she doubted if she could get any justice in a system where majority is Muslim and wanted to make her & every non-muslim a Muslim forcibly...Shown the real face of these people's.

●Dr Ramesh Kumar, former legislator and chairperson of the Pakistan Hindu Council, says coerced conversion, blackmailing and kidnapping for ransom is forcing many Hindu families to migrate to India every year...Narain Das’s 24-year-old son Lakshman (forcibly)embraced Islam a few years back and left home. He returned in a sorry state, as Abdul Rehman, three years later, begging his parents to take him back..But in Pakistan(not just pakistan but all muslim countries) if a Muslim is considered to have committed apostasy(leave islam), the punishment is Death. “To save him from certain death, we had to convert a Hindu girl into Islam, and got him married.”
● “At least 20 to 25 girls are kidnapped every month and Fear of kidnappings and conversions is now so great in the Hindu community that many from interior Sindh stop sending their young daughters to school as they reach adolescence....“I have lost all faith in our judiciary,” says Amarnath Motumel, a senior lawyer with the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan., who has represented scores of Hindu families in conversion cases. “The first thing the judge asks the girl is to recite the Kalma (the basic Islamic tenet whereby you accept that you are a Muslim) and once she does that, no Hindu family can take her back.”
● The first time after her abduction that Dhan Bai saw her daughter Bharti was in the courtroom. “She was clad from head to toe in a black abaya (an outer covering), a dress she’d never worn before; her eyes were all I could see and it seemed she’d been crying.”
More can be read---> HERE

This makes entire judicial system of Pakistan a big Criminal Terrorist.
From those abducters to Supreme court’s chief justice,to lawyers ,politician, police, maulvis of mosque & that dargah(grave), mainstream media & the  silence of so called moderate moslim(their silence is their consent) …Every one of them is working like a one unit and involved in this crime.. Even they also know that they did & doing wrong then also they supporting this barbaric acts from decades,,,, of  finishing all non muslim in their islamic county/place/state…This happens when muslim are in power/majority…The genocide of peoples of other faiths...Silently Ethnic cleansing of non-muslim.

These people are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS & Criminals…
wherever they are there’s trouble & no peace , These muslims will not let anybody peacefully nor they  will stay peacefully..Thats why the whole world Hate muslims…And many countries closeing their doors ,not to let these people to enter in their homeland…as who want to spoil their good country by allowing these Rats of hypocritical islam  !

This is the true face of muslims` intolerance toward persons belonging to the other faith especially women. In their religion women have no place and never revered by them.....What you can except from the followers of a self-proclaimed prophet who itself sold womens and called them War Booty.

 Recent Examples of Forced Conversions and Attempts: 

12-Year-Old Christian Girl Kidnapped, Raped, Forcibly Converted...
Muslims Beat Man with Iron Rods for Refusing to Embrace Islam...Christian Girl Kidnapped, Beaten, Raped - But Resists Demand to Embrace Islam...Two Christians Severely Beaten for Refusing to Convert...Father Threatens to Kill Boy if He Does Not Embrace Islam...Christian Families Flee After Child Refuses to Convert...Two Coptic Girls Abducted and Forced to 'Embrace' Islam...Abduction and Forced Conversion of Christian Girl Called a 'Pious Act'...Canadian Raped, Stabbed - Invited to Embrace Islam...'Hundreds' of Pakistani Christian Girls Forced to Convert...Rights Group: Indonesian Military Forces 56 to Embrace Islam...Hindu Family Forcibly Converted, Circumcised...Pakistani Christian Ordered to Convert or Die...Obama Ordered to Embrace Islam or Face Sharia Justice...Russian Soldier Beheaded for Refusing to Convert to IslamBeaten US Hostage Embraces Religion of Peace...Wife of Jailed Christian Man Told to Convert to Islam...Christian Students Abased, Pressured to Convert (Pak.)...Farm Woman Sentenced to Death after Refusing to Embrace IslamKidnapped Girl Returns Home after Forced Conversion, Rape...Egypt Refuses to Allow Muslim to Convert 'On Paper'...Hindu Girl Kidnapped, Forcibly Converted to Islam...Sikhs Ordered to Embrace IslamCoptic Girls Kidnapped - Forcibly Converted...Hindu Girl Kidnapped, Taken to Muslim Seminary, Forcibly Converted, Raped...Indigenous Malaysian Tribes Forced to Embrace Islam to Receive Development Aid...Man Loses House and Daughter over Refusal to Embrace Islam...Christian Professor Beaten for Refusing to Embrace Islam...Christian Nurse Kidnapped, Forcibly Converted to Islam...Widow of Christian Tortured to Death Ordered to Embrace IslamNJ Jihadist Beat Family for Refusing to Embrace Islam...Two Christian Sisters Kidnapped, Forced into Marriage...Ethiopian Christians Forcibly Converted to Islam...13-Year-Old Hindu Girl Abducted, Forcibly Converted...16-Year-Old Hindu Girl Survives Kidnapping, Forced Conversion and Rape...12-Year-Old Christian Girl Kidnapped, Converted, Raped...Christian Hacked to Death After Declining to Embrace Islam...Middle Eastern Christians Invited to Embrace Islam or Die...Rare Escape by Coptic Girl from Abduction, Forced Conversion...Americans Offered Peace Plan: Accept Islam or Die...Cleric Behind Kidnap, Forced Conversion of Hindu Girl...Stockholm Bomber's Wife Converted 'Under Pressure'...Hindu Girl Kidnapped, Forced to Accept Frees Spanish Hostage after She Embraces Islam...8th Grade Christian Girl Kidnapped, Converted, 'Married'...Man Beaten with Sticks for Refusing to Embrace Islam...Christian Beaten Unconscious for Refusing to Embrace Islam...Three Sikhs Beheaded After Refusing to Embrace Islam...Report: 19-Year-Old Christian Kidnapped, Forced to Convert...Filipinos Told, Embrace Islam or Lose Your Job...UK Student Killed for Refusing to Convert to Islam...Christian Girls (Ages 11 & 16) Kidnapped, Forcibly Converted and 'Married' Off...Christian Girl Raped over Father's Refusal to Embrace Islam...Rape Victim Ordered to Convert to Islam...Christian Killed after Refusing to 'Embrace Islam'...Abductee Refuses to Convert Under Torture, Pays the Price...Beheaded Engineer Chose Death Rather than 'Embracing' Islam...
Christian Refuses to Convert, Stabbed 24 Times...Hindus Told to Embrace Islam, Pay Up - or Else...Burn Victim Who Refused to Convert Dies in Hospital...Pakistan Christians Invited to Embrace Islam or Die Horribly...Saudis Force Christian Workers to Convert or Lose Job...Christian Journalist Warned to 'Embrace Islam' or Family will 'Suffer'...Iran Releases Jailed Christians after Failing to Convert Them...Hindus and Christians Invited to 'Embrace Islam' or Face 'Elimination'...Pakistan Christians Attacked for Refusing to Convert...Slain Christians had Been Warned for Months to Convert to Islam...Islamists Up the Violence to Force Christians to Convert...Murdered Yemeni Jew Had Been Warned by Killer to Convert or Leave...20-25 Hindu Girls Abducted Each Month, Forcibly Converted...Pakistani Christians Told to Convert or Die...Egypt Sentences Christian Woman to Three Years for Refusing to Convert to Islam...18-Year-Old Christian Raped, Forced to Convert to Islam...Korean Pastor Killed for Refusing to Convert to Islam...Man Gang-Raped, Tortured for Refusing to Embrace Islam...Nigerian Woman Sentenced to Stoning after Declining to ConvertHostages Forced at Gunpoint to Convert to Islam...Girl Drugged, Raped, and Forcibly 'Converted' to Islam...Christian Girls Rescued after Kidnapping, Forced Conversions...Christian Professor Forcibly 'Converted' to Islam by Hamas...Christian Children Kidnapped, Forcibly Converted in Nigeria...


  1. Can you keep those links, news items, in separate post too?

    It is a great effort you put in bringing up all those sad stories.

  2. Rinkle's story is One, amongst many, whose story needed to be told & explain in full details.While doing so i have founded many other girls like rinkle, who suffering the same way(abduct & forced conversion).So in between i try to put their stories too...but as i mainly focusing on rinkle as she is the one ever any minority girl who stand up against in front of these criminals moslims and shown their real face to the world about how these people treating non-muslims in their majority dominant states.
    And about separate post & links,if i do it then this whole blog will be full of that,for this i have to start a new blog regarding all these barbaric acts by this religion of the list is very huge and heartbreaking.

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  4. Justice has NOT been served,nor it will be in any muslim surroundings as by those long list of criminals acts by them on non-muslims

  5. On my facebook page, I am seeing the reports (unconfirmed reports) that say Rinkel was killed or severely injured while trying to escape.

    I felt like stabbing pain in my heart.