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Heart breaking story of Rinkel Kumari

Most of us know Maya Khan and Veena Malik how many of us know Rinkle Kumari of District Ghotki, Sindh? She was picked up from her home and then reportedly forced to convert to Islam just a few days ago. How many of us are even aware of these incidents taking place from years ?
 One, amongst many, whose story needed to be told.....

I read a terrible news from a local source based in Pakistan which highlight the plight of innocent Hindu girls in Pakistan. I was shocked on reading the content of message. It narrated in detail how Hindu girls are being abducted in Sindh Province of Pakistan and are being forced to convert into Muslims so that they can marry local Muslim boys. I came to verify the content of the message to be doubly assured about its authenticity. The chilling story of atrocities committed upon innocent Hindu girls was, indeed, TRUE.

It’s really shocking that both right wing politicians who miss no opportunity to make noise on the case of Hindus rarely made that much noise on trials and tribulations suffered by our Hindu sisters and brothers in Pakistan. That’s because it would not translate into Hindu votes. The same can be said about secular parties. They shed loads of tears on hearing real and imaginary tales of sufferings of minorities (read Muslims), both in India and foreign landscape, but for them Hindus in Pakistan do not deserve the minority tag. Reason? They are not Muslims and Christians and , above all, talking about them is not politically correct vote-wise.

Let me state the incident highlighted in this News . It talked about Rinkal Kumari who was allegedly kidnapped in February 2012 in Mirpur Mathelo,sindh..From her home. She was forced to convert to Islam and , subsequently, got married off with a thug muslim boy, Naveed Shah. The police came to register the case only after much hue and cry raised by the relatives. After all, it involved Pir of Bharchundi Dargah, Mian Abdul Haq (popularly known as Mian Mithoo), an influential MNA related with Pakistan People’s Party which happens to be the ruling party in Pakistan.

Heart breaking story of Rinkel Kumari (Faryal Shah),A Hindu girl in Pakistan kidnapped,forced converted to islam and forcibly married off.
Kidnapped, Forced to Convert to Islam and Married to a Muslim – Sad Story of Rinkle Kumari
For saveing her & identifying their daughter Kidnappers,Her family receiving death threats and now they taken shelter in Gurdwara of lahore.
Like these many minority girls of hindu,sikhs & christians are abducted and forcefully converted at gunpoint... even married & children (minor girls) are not spared by them.. like one 15 yrs old Asha kumari who was kidnapped and married off to a Father of 4 children..
Some even sold out at brothel  or they do suicide.
The human right reports says -
-Nearly 20-25 hindu girls monthly get abducted and they are kept in madrassas(islamic school)....
The report, prepared by the National Commission for Justice and Peace, states that about
-74 per cent of the women faced sexual harassment.
-"Some 27 per cent minority women (Christians and Hindus) faced discrimination in admissions to educational institutions and were forced to take Islamic studies in the absence of any alternative subject,"
-43 per cent complained about facing religious discrimination at workplaces, educational institutions and neighborhoods.
-68.4 per cent of non-Muslim women have no political participation which according to Brohi evidently signifies the mistrust of minority women in the political system primarily because it does not offer significant assistance to them.
Rinkle’s mother covered her face with a dupatta and wept silently as the HRCP Sindh vice chairperson voiced the community’s troubles. 
“We can’t even sleep at night, wondering whether our kidnapped girls
would become suicide bombers or would they be sold off into prostitution,”


A prominent Pakistani newspaper reports that within past few months 4 Hindu girls have been kidnapped and converted to Islam. –

• Dr Lata Kumari frm Karachi,
• 19 yr old Rinkal Kumari frm Mirpur Mathelo, 24 Feb 2012
• Aamna Kohli frm Tando Bago, and
• 15yrs old Aasha Kumari frm Jacobabad, 3 March 2012

One should not forget that religious minorities, especially the Hindus and Sikhs, have played a great role in shaping the growth of Sindh Provice. Now they are forced to live like refugees in their own land and that has made many of the families to shift to some safe place, which, at least, provide safer future for their girls. Ironically, Rinkal Kumari was already married but she was still asked to convert at gunpoint.

Several non-Muslim citizens have argued that these women have been, or are being, forced to accept conversion and marriage under threats of dire consequences to their families if they refuse to surrender.

Now here goes the whole news about what happen to Rinkel,.
And little about Dr lata kumari .Remaining abducted girls no info …where these mullas have taken them !
Heart breaking story of Rinkel Kumari (Faryal Shah), A Hindu girl in Pakistan kidnapped ,forced converted to marry a muslim and convert to islam..
For saveing their daughter from these Kidnappers,Her family receiving death threats and now they taken shelter in Gurdwara of lahore.
Like these many minority girls of hindu,sikhs & christians are abducted and forcefully converted at gunpoint.

Dreadful face of Islamic Republic of Pakistan....

These people had converted forcefully many girls and majority of them had either commited suicide or disappeared from the surface.. Even some sold to a Brothel--SEX SLAVES.

This is the true face of muslims` intolerance toward persons belonging to the other faith especially women. In their religion women have no place and never revered by them.
One of the ways of persecuting and humiliating infidels (kafirs-nonmuslim) is targeting of their women, kidnap and convert their women in to Islam...This what all muslim dominat area/state/country doing around the globe.

Sindh(Pakistan) -
Rinkle Kumari, a Hindu teenage girl from Mir pur Mathelo, town in Ghotki District, Sindh province, Pakistan, was kidnapped on February 24, 2012, when she was on her way to home after attending the college,,She was forced to convert to Islam and, subsequently, marry a Muslim boy, Naveed Shah.And the person involved is none else than a Pir of Bharchundi Dargah, Mian Abdul Haq (popularly known as Mian Mithoo),

   Pig Mian Mithoo
 Pir of Bharchundi Dargah, Mian Abdul Haq (popularly known as Mian Mithoo), the son of Mian Abdur-Rehman, the major perpetrator in the case of Bhagat Kunwar Ram’s murder in the past. also happens to be an MNA(National Assembly Member) of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), the ruling party of Pak PM Zardari. - Miyan mithoo detail

It’s learnt that Mian Mithoo is infamous for forced conversions in Sindh, which had a good track record in past in honouring the religious beliefs of the minorities. Of late, it has been hit by onslaught of extremist parties who are committing barbaric crimes targeted at minorities living there.
Mian Mithoo’s family control a nearby Sufi shrine which has a long history as a place where people come to convert to Islam.(Forcefully)

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s Sindh chairperson, Amarnath Motumal, urged the Supreme Court that.“Mian Mitho and his men are involved in the business of not only converting and encouraging forceful marriages, but also selling these girls.”

Rinkle’s father Nand Lal a government schoolteacher said “This Mian Mitho is a terrorist and it is his business to kidnap Hindu girls; he keeps them at his house for sexual purposes and later sells them.

Even one more member a lawmaker from ruleing Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Abdul Akbar Khan is involved in Kidnapping
These people had converted forcefully many girls and majority of them had either commited suicide or disappeared from the surface.

Hindu girls were kidnapped, compelled to change their religion and married off by force while Hindu children and men were kidnapped mostly for ransom

The Pakistan Sikh Youth Council (PSYC) believes that in recent past as many as 20 Hindu girls have been forced by Mia Mithoo to get converted to Islam.
And one of them is Rinkel Kumari

  • Rinkel was kidnapped;
  • She was forced to convert to Islam;
  • She was called Faryal Shah;
  • Then She was married off to a  Muslim guy.
Before the news of her being in the custody of the Bharchundi Pirs, a First Information Report, number 2012/12 was lodged at the Mirpur Mathelo Police Station by the girl’s uncle, Daya Ram.
The same day at noon, the relatives of the girl are informed through a phone-call that their girl was in their custody, and that she had embraced Islam and married Naveed Shah. It was an invitation for her relatives to go to Bharchundi and meet her if they wished to. But the people familiar with the Dargah’s culture knew what it would mean if the Hindu relatives went there.
With a series of events, the matter is taken to the court where the girl demands to go with her family – to this, Pir of Bharchundi Dargah, Mian Abdul Haq (Mian Mithoo)  is said to have slapped the girl in the courtroom full of spectators. She made it clear that she did not want to convert to Islam and marry the boy, but, in fact, she was kidnapped and being forced into doing so.
Before this event could occur, there were armed groups surrounded by thugs and supporters of the Pakistani Peoples’ Party Member of the National Assembly all around the court from Bharchundi’s side which, definitely, were there to make their force be loud and visible, and to affect the court’s decision. Familiar with the power of the Bharchundi Dargah, the Civil Judge gave the verdict in their favor in literally no time and allowed them to take the girl with them.
And the Muslims go back celebrating by fireing guns into air and shouting Allaho Akbar as though they had conquered any fortress, or the Somnath Temple……

This the way the Islamic country of pakistan media reports and all those mullas how they celebrating it, by force converting a non-muslim girl..just check this ExpressNews media tone & the way how showeing this in the favor of abduction jehadis and many like these vids spread by them, that she not forced converted .... 
At gun point & threatening to kill her and her parents(mentally pressurized to give a statement),how they make fake videos splashing on their news channel and spreaded on net.. that she excepted the religion by her own will..But the real truth is way beyond….. JUST KEEP READING…

Watching the video clip, one can see procession by Muslims celebrating this 'eventful' conversion and marriage. They knew that they kidnapped her, so why are they celebrating? Because by kidnapping that girl and celebrating, they feel they are humiliating Hindus and Hindu community. By no means this is the lone event. It happens all the time in Pakistan. It happens all the time in muslim Egypt, where Coptic Christian community is the victim.
However, the secular civil society and nationalists of Sindh started protests throughout Sindh in which  Hindus, Sikhs Christians and some handful Muslims participated equally to voice the unheard voice of Rinkle Kumari. Although the news has been not been highlighted from this perspective in the mainstream media since the story involved religious figures and had the essence of Hindu-Muslim contrast, the social media has played an important role in propagating the struggle and organizing demonstrations, walks, rallies and sit-ins at press clubs, especially, in the major cities of Sindh like karachi and hyderabad.
These are our children, we have to protect them
Dr Ramesh Kumar, patron-in-chief, Pakistan Hindu Council, on March 8 had complained to the Supreme Court that three Hindu girls including Rinkle, the daughter of Nandlal (Mirpur Mathello), and Dr Lata, daughter of Dr Ramesh (Jaccobabad) were kidnapped from CPSP Karachi whereas another girl Pooja Devi (from Larkana) was also abducted.

He said the whole Hindu community felt insecure as a result of the incident and had lodged a protest in Karachi. He requested the court to issue necessary directions to the provincial administration for the recovery and protection of these girls

Protest by minority hindus,sikhs and christians lalong with some muslim Against the Force convertion and marriage of Rinkel Kumari and other abducted girls.But majority of the pakistani people,NGO's and the main stream media kept distance & not came front.
Silence of the Pakistan women’s and human rights activists in this regard is sinning. It has left many like alarmed that, even after much pinging on the social media accounts of the so-called human rights activists, not a single word of condemnation has come out of their blogs, social media profiles.

Mangla Sharma, Chairperson of Pak-Hindu Welfare association said, “forced conversions and blasphemy laws affect non-Muslims of Pakistan at every level. In fact it will not be unwise to say that legislation and laws are manipulated to favor the majority,”

Pak Hindus pin hopes on SC ruling in Rinkle conversion case
Rinkle Kumari's case was one of the many incidents of conversion in Pakistan, but relentless struggle by the Hindu community has brought it into the limelight, says Tahir Ali 
The Hindu community in Pakistan will be keenly watching the Supreme Court trial that starts on Monday to decide the fate of Rinkle Kumari -- a 19-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and then forced to marry a Muslim boy.
Though the forcible conversion of Hindu girls to Islam is nothing new in Pakistan, Rinkle's case has received much national and international publicity.
The Hindu community is optimistic of a positive outcome to the trial.

Rinkle was allegedly abducted in Mirpur Mathelo, a small town in interior Sindh on February 24. She had recently completed her intermediate studies and was planning to visit Karachi to shop for her brother's wedding.
Initially, Rinkle was reported missing but she soon emerged with her husband Naveed Shah, and supported by a large number of armed Pakistan Peoples Party activists.Rinkle, who changed her name to Faryal Shah, announced to the media that she had embraced Islam and married Naveed Shah of her own free will.
"I got married and converted to Islam of my free will," Rinkle revealed to a court in Sindh.
But neither her family nor the rest of the Hindu community believed the revelation of the girl, as such forcible conversions have become a common practice in interior Sindh. In the last four months, 47 cases of abductions of Hindu girls have been reported in Sindh.
Members of the Hindu community alleged that the policemen investigating the case and the judges of the court were under pressure from PPP lawmakers(Thats pakistan people party -Pak Pm Zardari Political Party). They claimed that the civil judge, instead of allowing the girl to go with her parents, sent her to Daral-Aman(Koranic school) where she was mentally pressurised to give a statement in favor of her husband. She was not allowed to meet her parents.
Nand Lal, Rinkle's father, is a primary school teacher. According to him, his daughter had no relations with Naveed Shah and could not possibly have eloped with him."She did not even know the person. We have no internet or telephone connection at home, so there is no way she could have been in touch with Naveed," said Nand Lal. He added, "If she had planned to elope, she would have taken her slippers and her sweater along with her. But she was kidnapped barefoot and without any warm clothes, despite the cold weather."
Veerji Kohli, a human rights activist, told, "Forcible conversion is the easiest way to marry a Hindu girl; this practice is explicitly related to Islamic fundamentalists but it is a tool used by Muslims in this particular region to marry a young Hindu girl without any problem. For a pretty Hindu girl, her beauty becomes her enemy. She is likely to be kidnapped, followed by forcible conversion and marriage to a Muslim man."
Kohli blames PPP (Pakistan People Party)  member of parliament Mian Abdul Haq alias Mian Mitho and his family members for the abduction and conversion of Rinkle.
"PPP activists are openly supporting Naveed Shah. Even the son of Mian Mitho was present in court when the couple was brought there. Naveed Shah's family is very close to Mina Mitho," said Veerji.
Pir Ayub Jan Sarhandi from Umarkoot, a leading cleric, has always been blamed for his role in the forcible conversion of Hindu girls. Members of the Hindu community allege that the Pir often provided shelter to people who took away their girls and then organised their marriages. Pir Sarhandi also proudly claimed that he has converted nearly 10,000 Hindu women. But his name has not been mentioned in connection with this particular incident.   ----- These are THE Real FACE OF THESE Pir/cleric  OF Some DARGAH'S & Madrassa's

The conversion of Hindu womedn has exposed the community to the most extreme level of social humiliation and cultural stigma. Hundreds of Hindu women have been converted to Islam in Sindh.
According to minister of state for national harmony Akram Masih Gill, 'sexual lust' is the key reason that makes Muslim men force non-Muslim girls to convert.
"Hindu girls are being sexually abused by young Muslim men, who force them to convert when their sexual offence became an issue in society. Those young people accept such girls as their legal wives with the pre-condition that they embrace Islam. The girls are kidnapped by young men and after meeting their sexual desires, they are forced to change their religion and convert to Islam," said Gill.
Initially, Rinkle was one of the many cases of conversion in the region and the government had taken the incident lightly, as an influential leader of the ruling political party PPP was behind it.
But members of the Hindu community continued with their struggle and succeeded in forcing the authorities to lodge a case by staging protests, with shopkeepers striking and demonstrators blocking a highway.
The case garnered support from the international community when United States Congressman Brad Sherman wrote a letter to President Asif Ali Zardari , asking him to take all necessary steps to bring an end to the harassment of minorities in Pakistan.

Hindu conversions: Families plead for meeting with their daughters
KARACHI ‘20March: On Monday, Dr Lata and Rinkle Kumari’s families wept and appealed to the government to let them meet their daughters, while 15-year-old Asha’s family demanded that the authorities should find and rescue their missing daughter.
While speaking in Sindhi at a press conference at Karachi Press Club, Rinkle’s mother begged and pleaded for an opportunity to meet her daughter. According to Asha’s mother Reshma, her daughter went missing 18 days ago from Jacobabad. While wiping her tears with her dupatta, she said that it was cruel that the authorities had not found her as yet. While talking to The Express Tribune, Asha’s brother Vinod Kumar said that he used to drop and pick his sister from the parlour where she was doing a course. “When I went to pick her up on March 3, the parlour owner told me that she had already left,” he said. “She was so tired of the course. She did not want to go there anymore but I kept pushing her to do so.
The family registered the FIR and nominated the parlour owner. So far the case is still under investigation.According to Lata Kumari’s father, the Hindu doctor, his wife was in the hospital because of what had happened. The patron of the Pakistan Hindu Council, Ramesh Kumar, spoke out against the recent incidents of abduction and forced conversion in the Hindu community. “Girls from our peace loving community get scared when they see a bullet,” he said. “Imagine how Rinkle felt when she went to court with 500 Miyan mithu's thugs people carrying weapons! Can we ever say that her statement was recorded of free will?” He added that if Asha was not rescued soon, 20 days later they would find out that she had also forced converted.
Rinkle’s uncle Raj said that protests were being held by religious extremists every day in Mirpur Mathelo. “They are threatening us that if Rinkle returns home, four Hindu women will go missing,” he said. “What will we do now? Where will we go now?”According to Qadir Khan, a lawyer, under Article 36 of the Constitution minorities should be protected but were not given security.

The case now moved to Supreme court.As the civil court given the judgment in the favor of these kidnappers & criminals ,,The hindu & other minority groups requested to move the case to supreme court. ..The pak (SC) Supreme Court Chief Justice, has ordered Rinkle Kumari to be produced in the court on March 25, 2012. A major decision is awaited by both the parties. 

On sunday 16april  Protest held against force convertionat at press club ..
15yrs old Asha(aisha) kumari  was kidnapped and married off to an old man who is father of 4 children

Hindus in Baloch moving to other parts of Pak amid abductions
Hindus terrified by forced conversions to Islam in BalochistanSource
Islamabad: Forced conversions to Islam and increasing incidents of kidnapping have instilled fear among Hindus in Balochistan, Pakistan's Minister for Human Rights and Minority Affairs Basant Lal Gulshan has said.Reports suggest that as many as four girls and three boys of the Hindu community forcibly converted to Islam....."At least 50 Hindu families have migrated from Quetta alone. The families migrated to rural Balochistan and Sindh because their rights were not safeguarded in Quetta," The Express Tribune quoted Gulshan, as saying.
He also claimed that investigations have not begun on the conversion cases reported in Loralai, Chaman and Sibi....Criticising the Baloch Government for ignoring minority rights, Gulshan said: "I took up the issue with Chief Minister Aslam Raisani and also discussed it on the provincial assembly floor, but they are not serious in addressing the grievances of minorities."
Dr Rajesh Kumar, a pharmacist, was kidnapped in broad daylight from outside the Bolan Medical College Complex in Quetta approximately one and half months ago. His whereabouts are still unknown.

 Hindus target of mullah ire in Pakistan 
To be a member of a minority community and live in Pakistan is now extremely dangerous as fanatical Islamists step up their violence against non-Muslims of all varieties. The PPP Government is reluctant to act against killer and rapist thugs 
Recent horror stories emanating from Pakistan indicate our Government’s abysmal failure to safeguard the rights of Hindus and Sikhs in the Islamic nation. Some pertain to abduction of girls, even married ones, and their forcible conversion to Islam; and others to kidnapping for ransom, extortion and killing on grounds of religion. The disappearance of Lata Kumar, a medical student from Karachi, and Rinkle Kumari, from a small town in Sindh, has elders worried as the authorities are unlikely to act against the abductors. Amarnath Motumal of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan paints a grim picture of routine kidnapping of females, who are forced to embrace Islam. Commission’s chief ZohraYusuf laments that the situation for minorities has worsened after the assassinations of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and Federal Minority Affairs Minister Shahbaz Bhatti early last year.

Hindus in Pakistan have suffered grievously since the founding of the nation in 1947
even  christians & Ahmadis have suffered so grossly.
Protecting Pakistan's Hindus
Cultural prejudice has become part and parcel of language itself. Hindus are referred to as "na pak." Na means "un" and pak means "pure." So, Hindus are turned into the impure, or unclean.

Forced conversion of Hindus in Pakistan jolts US out of slumber
WASHINGTON 14'March : Pakistan's state-endorsed discrimination, and in some cases extermination, of its minorities has finally caught the eye of Washington lawmakers.
In a sharply-worded letter to Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari, Congressman Brad Sherman urged him to take action to ensure the return of Rinkel Kumari to her family, pursuant to reports that she had been abducted with the help of a Pakistan People's Party (PPP) lawmaker. In a case that has been widely reported in the liberal Pakistani media, Rinkel,
who was abducted on February 24, was forced to marry one Naveed Shah and convert to Islam.
According to Pakistani civil liberties activists in Washington DC, Rinkel was allegedly threatened while in police custody that if she did not change her statement, she and her family would be killed.
 ''Rinkel Kumari's case is just one case of abduction and forced religious conversion in Pakistan,'' Congressman Sherman said in the letter to Zardari, citing the Asian Human Rights commission figure of 20-25 kidnappings and forced conversions of Hindu girls in Sindh every month. ''I urge you to take all necessary steps to bring an end to this practice and other harassment of Hindus in Pakistan.''

The Rinkel Kumari case was brought to the attention of US lawmakers not by Hindu activists but by the Sindhi American Political Action Committee (SAPAC), a lobby group that, like the Baloch groups, is increasingly asserting the secular and syncretic identity of Pakistan's Sindhi community in the face of growing Islamization in the country. Sapac activists are telling US lawmakers that state sponsored discrimination against minority groups in Pakistan is rampant and is causing Hindus to migrate out of Pakistan in droves.

Hindus, who constituted more than 15 per cent of Pakistan's population soon after Partition, have now dwindled to less than two per cent, mostly in some districts of Sindh. There have been several reports in recent months of Hindu families seeking to migrate to India in the face of growing radical Islamization of Pakistan, including abduction and forcible conversions, but it is the first time that Washington, which literally slept over Pakistan's genocide of Bengalis in 1970-71, is paying attention to the issue.

20 to 25 Hindu girls forcibly converted to Islam each month: Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
  • “As many as 20 to 25 girls from the Hindu community are abducted every month and converted forcibly, said Amarnath Motumal, an advocate and council member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.”
  • The families of the victims are scared to register cases against the influential perpetrators as death threats are issued to them in case they raise their voice. So, the victims choose to remain silent to save their lives,’
  • In one incident, a 17-year-old girl ‘K’ was gang-raped in Nagarparker area. In another incident, a 15-year-old girl ‘D’ was allegedly abducted from Aaklee village, Tharparkar, and was forced to convert. About 71 families migrated from the village in protest against the girl’s abduction.”
  • “A former MPA, Bherulal Balani, said that the Hindu girls, especially the ones belonging to scheduled castes, were mostly being abducted from the Lyari area. “Once the girls are converted, they are then sold to other people or are forced to do illegal and immoral activities,” Balani said. He added the perpetrators were very powerful and that was the reason that no cases were being registered against them.”
  •  Moreover, the Hindu communities were not even spared on the occasion of their joyous festival of Holi as two girls, Anita and Kishni, were kidnapped in Kotri. Moreover, two Hindu boys, Ajay and Sagar, were abducted from another place on the same day.”
  • Minority communities were easy targets as the Hindus were generally hesitant to raise voice against the injustices. ‘When the Hindu communities become politically active, they are blamed for having Indian connections,’ said Dr Ashothama Lohano,Coordinator HRCP Task Force Sindh

Hindu girls are forced to marry Muslims: Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari's sister
Islamabad, Mar 15:  Acknowledging that Hindus face a lot of challenges in Sindh, sister of President Asif Ali Zardari said in Pakistan's parliament today that Hindu girls are being forcibly kept in madrassas in the province and are forced to marry Muslims.
Two of the women "Rinkle Kumari and Lata Kumari" have told magistrates they voluntarily converted. Speaking in the National Assembly or lower house of parliament on the issue of Rinkle Kumari, Pechuho said Hindus faced a lot of challenges in Sindh.

Hindu girls being forcibly kept in Sindh madrassas
Hindu girls are being forcibly kept in various madrassas in Sindh and are later forced to marry Muslims

‘Pak minority women face sexual harassment

This was till month FEB and mid of march --- when that biased verdict came up under the favor of criminals ,wherz the civil court which was surrounded by armed thugs supporters of the Pakistani Peoples’ Party Member of the National Assembly Mian Abdul Haq thats Mian Mithoo a Pir of Bharchundi Dargah
Now see the truth- when the case moved to SC & the abducted teenager girl Rinkel came to the court and what she said.....26 March 2012


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