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I would rather die than convert to Islam - Rinkle to Supreme court

March 26, 2012: 19 yrs old Rinkal Kumari said in Supreme court:.." Pakistan mein sab log ek doosre ke saath mile huwe hain, yahan insaaaf sirf muslaman ke lye hai, Hindu ke lye koi insaaf nahee hai, mujhe yaheen court room mein maar daalo, lekin Dar-ul-aman nahee bhejo, yeh sab log mile huwe hain yeh humein maar daalen ge, mujhe in logo(kidnappers) ke satha maat bhejo..Mujhe apne mummy daddy ke pass jana hai". (Everyone in Pakistan is hand in glove, there is justice only for Muslims, there is no justice for Hindus. Kill me here in court, but don't send me to Darul-Aman, all these people are hand in glove, they will kill us) "there is no" justice, "kill me here but do not send me back" to the kidnappers. "I want to go with my parents.".. Even Rinkle started crying and screaming in the court, as reported by KTN TV channel, that she wanted to go to her mother.....heartbreaking outburst of Rinkel Kumari in front of these BEASTS ,,, Read more what decision chief justice of supreme court given then.... even though rinkle and the other abducted girl Dr lata said they have been forced converted and want to meet their parents and go back with them....

 Hindu girl tells Supreme Court she would rather die than convert to Islam

Islamabad (AsiaNews) - "In Pakistan there is justice only for Muslims, justice is denied Hindus. Kill me here, now, in court. But do not send me back to the Darul-Aman [Koranic school] ... kill me". This is the desperate, heartbreaking outburst of Rinkel Kumari, a Hindu girl aged 19, who has entrusted her heartfelt appeal to the judges of the Supreme Court in Islamabad. Her story is similar to that of many other young women and girls belonging to religious minorities - Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmadis - kidnapped by extremist groups or individuals, most of the time lords or local mafia, which convert them by force and then marry them . And that is what the girl said on 26 March, before the judges of the capital's court.
The drama of Rinkel Kumari, a student of Mirpur Mathelo, a small village in the province of Sindh, began the evening of February 24: A handful of men seized her and delivered her a few hours later into the hands of a wealthy Muslim scholar, the man then called her parents, warning them that their daughter "wants to convert to Islam."
Nand Lal, the girl's father, a teacher of an elementary school, accused Naveed Shah, an influential Muslim, of kidnapping his daughter. The man has the "political cover" provided by Mian Mittho, an elected National Assembly Member, suspected of aiding and abetting. After identifying the perpetrators of the kidnapping of his daughter, he was forced to leave the area of origin to escape the threats of people affiliated with the local mafia. The father found refuge and welcome in Gurdwara in Lahore, in Punjab province, with the rest of his family.
As often happens in these cases, even the judiciary is complicit: a local judge ordered that the girl should be given to the Muslims, because her conversion is "the result of a spontaneous decision" and also stated the marriage was above board. A claim that was repeated on February 27, at the hearing before the court, after which the girl was "renamed" Faryal Shah.
However, the story of Rinkel is not an isolated case: every month between 25 and 30 young people suffer similar abuses, for a yearly total of about 300 conversions and forced marriages. Not Hindu girls - but also Christian - who are torn from their family and delivered into the hands of their husbands / torturers
After four bitterly contested hearings in provincial courts, the case made its way on Monday to the Supreme Court, where judges hoped that Ms. Kumari and a fellow convert, another abducted women  Dr. Lata Kumari, 29, could finally speak their minds clearly. But it was not to be.
Ms. Rinkel , who wore a black hijab and was surrounded by six police officers, stumbled as she began her testimony, visibly nervous. Chief Justice Chaudhry then cleared the courtroom of everyone, including lawyers, to allow the two women to testify in private.
On March 26, she appeared before the judges of the Supreme Court in Islamabad, while the Hindu community waited with bated breath for the girl's statements in court. To avoid pressure, the presiding judge ordered the courtroom cleared and - later - the dramatic testimony was relayed: in Pakistan, "there is no" justice, "kill me here but do not send me back" to the kidnappers. "I want to go with my parents."
Speaking to AsiaNews Fr. Anwar Patras, the Diocese of Rawalpindi, condemned "with force" the kidnapping and forced conversion. "The Hindus in Sindh - adds the priest - live a hard life. The reality is getting harder for them, they are forced to migrate because the state is unable to protect them and their property.”
Meanwhile, Mr. Miya Mitho, the Muslim politician (WHO INVOLVE IN THIS KIDNAPPEING)  surrounded himself with supporters who wore thick beards and white pointed caps. “Whatever happens is God’s will,” he said with an easy smile. (NOTE – “Whatever happens” means the abduction,force convertion and marriage)
 But tensions opened once the hearing resumed. Ramesh Kumar, the father of  Rinkel Kumari, rushed toward the judge’s bench, pleading for his daughter’s release. “Please do justice!” he cried as wailing female relatives also rose from their seats.
 Security staff members tried to restrain Mr. Kumar, who grew more agitated; moments later he was carried from the courtroom, still shouting, by his hands and feet.

Now there is pressure of the court, police, their Kidnapper husbands and parents on them." The atmosphere in the court was very tense on the last date of hearing, as the girls' parents demanded that their daughters be allowed to go with them.
During the hearing Dr Ramesh Kumar, father of Lata Kumari, cried loudly in the courtroom saying his daughter wanted to come with them and the court should allow her to go with her parents. Dr Lata Kumari who was sitting with the police in the courtroom said she wanted to meet her parents
 Wrapping up the hearing, Chief Justice Chaudhry noted that Hindus, who constitute about 1 percent of Pakistan’s 180 million people, were the “weak segment” of society. “We have to provide them some support,” he said.
He then ordered that the two Muslim converts (abducted women) be returned under police escort to a women’s shelter in Karachi until the next hearing on April 18. so that they could decide whether or not they wanted to leave with their parents.

why is the court not letting these abducted daughter go back to their parents ???
And they ddn't procecuted those people who where behind these KIDNAPPING!!!

Next hearing after 3 weeks gap thats april 18 so that these girls will "decide"! ..Decide.. what does he mean about this ? They already said in the court about the barbaric act done on them..then why  this chief justice acting like a Moron.
 3 weeks is Enough time for those mullas for their next dirty plan.. like what rinkle uncle raj said..“They are threatening us that if Rinkle returns home, four Hindu women will go missing,”.. “What will we do now? Where will we go now?”
 OH HELL PAKISTAN.... She said true words about this filthy country in the court.
Hope dumb Indian Gov do something,as they are the most juming in joing trade,business and every type of relationship with this Fail state..a country which is called the global hub of extremism and terrorism

What kind of justice is this?
 From the facebook wall of Aziz Narej
“Kill me here in court, but don’t send me to Darul-Aman” The words of Rinkal Kumari: “Everyone in Pakistan is hand in glove, there is justice only for Muslims, there is no justice for Hindus. Kill me here in court, but don’t send me to Darul-Aman, all these people are hand in glove, they will kill us”.
Even after repeated pleas by Rinkal Kumari & her parents, the court didn’t allow her to go with her parents. Instead the court sent her to shelter home in Karachi where she said that she faces threat to her life.  
What kind of justice is this?
Who will be responsible now if something happens to her? I think the Chief Justice & the other two members of the bench should be held directly responsible if something happens to her. A direct FIR should be registered against them in case something happens to Rinkal Kumari.
After Rinkal Kumari’s statement in the Supreme Court today & her cries to go with her parents, it is established beyond any doubt that she is separated from her family against her will & that she had been kidnapped & forcibly converted to Islam. Now it is the duty of the govt & the Supreme Court to immediately order the arrest of kidnapper Naveed Shah, his accomplices, MNA Mian Mithoo, Mithoo’s family members & armed men who harassed a Sindhi Hindu girl.
Shame on those Sindhis & Pakistanis who still support Mian Mithoo brand of forced conversion to Islam of non-Muslim girls.
The Supreme Court should immediately order a complete inquiry in the case & punish all the culprits.

With hundreds of thugs with arms surrounding Rinkle enter'ng in the court in burkha with Naveed shah (to whom the abducters forcefully married her).

Is this justice??
By Beena Sarwar
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered Rinkal Kumari and Dr Lata Kumari to be sent back to Karachi shelter home for 3 weeks to give them time to “think”. Would he have done that if they had given statements in favour of their kidnappers?
Here is the account from a family friend of Rinkal’s” “When Rinkal came into court, without letting her meet her parents/mother, she (Rinkal) was brought to give statement in front of CJP, she only stated that she doesn’t want to go anywhere, BUT her mother. Then CJP met with Rinkal alone for about 20 minutes, and then let her mother meet her for only 10 minutes. Afterwards Rinkal was crying before CJP, she wanted to go to her parents. CJP said, girl wants to go with her parents but there is confusion as the girl had embraced ISLAM and had spent married life, so how can she turn around from her previous statement? Therefore, he ordered Rinkal to be sent to shelter home for more 3 weeks to think, along with Dr. Lata, who was sent to Shelter home on same grounds. Is this justice?? Chief justice should have backed innocent girls, supported them and should have ordered immense and appropriate action against Mullah and involved culprits, BUT after all he is a Muslim as well, he has intentions to book a plot in heaven as well…”

 I have already mention here  That Even when a captive does manage to escape, it is by no means the end of her suffering. If a woman leaves her new Muslim family and Islam to return to her orginal background, she is considered an Apostate – even though she was forcibly converted – and is therefore liable to be killed.........Punishment of Apostates in Islam is Death by Beheading...  

Some  PEACEFULL teaching from Religion of Peace....
“Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” Quran 8:12
“Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels(non-muslim)” Quran 8:6
“When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Quran 9:5
“Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Quran 5:33
“Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Quran 3:85
“Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Quran 9:123
“Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.” Quran22:19 ---> This Quranic barbaric act was done by Mughals against sikh guru's
Muhammad words-
– Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him.\ Vol. 9:57
–  No Muslim should be killed for killing a Kafir (infidel-nonmuslim). Vol. 9:50

And the list is endless of mohammad & his sky god blind faith allah peacful teaching's I will share it sometime...


Rinkle’s family happy she finally ‘spoke from her heart’ 
 Karachi Monday, March 26, was the first time that Rinkle Kumari, the Hindu girl who was allegedly kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam, was to appear in front of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Islamabad. The Hindu community awaited her statement with bated breath.
They prayed. They prayed because her statement would make or break the now one month long campaign against forced-conversion, a campaign that had, according to Pakistan Hindu Council patron Ramesh Kumar, brought the Hindu community “closer than ever before.” And then, Rinkle finally spoke: “I want to go to my parents.”

The court, after the hearing was adjourned, sent Rinkle to Darul Aman and announced that the next hearing would be held on April 18. Since Monday morning, regional TV channels have been showing Rangers patrolling the small town of Mirpur Mathelo in Ghotki. The images showed that the streets were relatively empty, and that a majority of the shops were closed. Tension was in the air.
The statement Rinkle Kumari registered in front of the Chief Justice of Pakistan has brought the exchange of salvos between the Hindu community, and what one of the Hindu leaders called “society at large”, to an end.

Her family had pinned all of their hopes on the Supreme Court. As Rinkle’s maternal uncle Raj Kumar said, “I am happy that she finally spoke from her heart, but the thing that confuses me is that we never called it a case of forced conversion. It was kidnapping. Despite this, our daughter has been sent to Darul Aman in Karachi.”
According to Raj Kumar, Rinkle was crying when she was being taken to the police van. She said that she wants to go with her parents, and that she would not get justice in an Islamic country. “It’s a very important development,” said Amarnath Motumal, Vice-Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s Sindh Chapter and President of the Hindu Panchiyat of Karachi. “Rinkle belongs to a well-to-do family, which is why her case has escalated to the point where the media and civil society are highlighting it so much.
Motumal claimed that such cases of kidnapping and forced conversion in interior Sindh are a common occurrence. He lauded Rinkle’s courage in standing up and speaking the truth. “The Hindus in Pakistan are happy, but when issues like forced-conversion surface, it really becomes unbearable.”

Though there was a general consensus amongst the leaders of the Hindu community that the decision of the Supreme Court could be trusted, there are some Hindu leaders who believe that sending Rinkle to Darul Aman, and making her appear again in front of the court on 18th of April, did not make sense, given that she was a victim of kidnapping. But Ramesh Kumar, the Patron of Pakistan Hindu Council said that he understood the sensitive turn this case has taken and realised that the Supreme Court needed time to conclude the proceedings. He also said that the court’s decision to send her to Darul-Aman could have been for reasons of safety and security.

A few stand up for Rinkle Kumaris of world
LAHORE, April 12: Prof Ashok Kumar is not afraid of taking a prominent stance on the Rinkle Kumari issue. Fear, he says, is secondary compared to what is happening to the Hindu community in Pakistan, in particular Sindh. “We can’t just sit back and watch what our community is going through,” he says.

The recent case of Rinkle Kumari is not altogether an uncommon occurrence. Several young Hindu girls have been kidnapped in the dead of the night from their homes, and dragged off to be forcibly converted to Islam, as they and their family members have later alleged. Usually this conversion is accompanied by a signing of the ‘nikahnama’ which strengthens the kidnappers’ side of the story, but still does not provide any kind of proof whether the marriage was done under duress or not.

On Thursday, protesters belonging to the Hindu and Christian communities in Lahore, accompanied by representatives of the Joint Action Committee (a group of social organisations), gathered outside the Lahore Press Club and shouted slogans in response to the slow treatment of the case, venting anger at religious fascism, forcible conversion, and a lack of support from the government.

Ashok Kumar, a professor of Sindhi language in the Linguistics Department of the Punjab University, is one of the protesters. There are others too, students, professionals, young women, social workers, but the turnout has not been very high.

The matter has been tangled yet further with the alleged involvement of Mian Mithu, a PPP MNA from Ghotki, where Rinkle was kidnapped, and also one Naveed Shah, who was a close associate of Mithu.

“Even when Nafisa Shah and some other PPP MNAs tried to move a resolution against this issue in the assembly, Mian Mithu did not support it,” says Tanveer Jahan. “I simply ask if an FIR has already been lodged against these two then why are they not under arrest?”

Another girl, Asha is still missing and Dr Ashok says: “The state of the Hindu girls being converted is terrible. Since January there have been at least 47 kidnappings. Another point to observe is that this is only happening to young girls, never boys or elders.”

Peter Jacob, worker for minorities’ rights, says this forcible conversion is not restricted to just Hindus and in Sindh. “In the last five years, there have been up to 400 to 500 conversions of Christians. And something equally horrifying, I know of: forcible circumcision of young men in Punjab and one in Balochistan…where are we going, one asks.”

In feudal terms, owning another party’s woman is having the upper hand. That coupled with marriage, gives the perpetrator more strength. No one knows what becomes of many of the girls after being married. Meanwhile, many Hindus feel that they are simply being harassed so they leave the country forever.

“But this is not just an issue restricted to Sindh,” says one. “This protest is meant to be calling out to the whole nation…Why does no one raise their voices for our rights too?” he asks.


  1. Shows the real face of pakistan against hindus and other minority up there,even she said that she want to go with her parents then also they send her to darul aman..All planed by them,,Everyone in Pakistan is hand in glove.Bastards


  3. i feel like hell when someone your known particularly a non-muslim says "not every muslim is terrorist".

    These people are blinded by 65 years old world's most corrupted educational system which covers the real satanic face of islamic rule in India.

    Even now people try their ass-best to cover truth.

    & now I want to say ------->>"Ditchhhhhhhh ISLAM"